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Need help from tech support to build a kit

I’m looking to put together a kit for a custom cart. I called and was referred to this forum to get help from tech support advisor to build the kit. I would prefer to do this over the phone though.

Can you wire the switch on the thumb throttle to activate reverse. I don’t understand the “park” setting. I would think so long as I’m not pressing the thumb switch it would be in a “park setting” and would be parked. I’m wanting the key switch to turn on/off power. Thumb throttle to activate forward until I press the switch in the thumb housing and then that would activate reverse. That’s all need. And can you add the brake kit into my kit so I’m only ordering one complete kit.
It would be inconvenient to reach down and flip switch back and forth from forward to reverse while operating. It’s much more convenient to just press button on throttle housing to switch between forward and reverse.

Unfortunately, the switch on the throttle will not work with the reverse contactor so we would not be able to use it for the reverse switch. The reverse contactor requires an SPDT On-Off-On switch and the throttle switch is an SPST On-Off switch. We have an SPDT On-Off-On handlebar switch however its switch and wires are not rated for the amount of current that the reverse contactor uses so we are not able to include it in the kit either. The only option that we have available for the direction switch is to use the toggle switch.

The park setting is the reverse relays de-energized position. In this "park" position, the wires to the motor are bridged together and the motor creates an electromagnetic parking brake which is why we call it the park position.

We do not want to include the brake kit with the main kit because other people who want to order the main kit may not need the brake kit, so the brake kit and main kit will need to be ordered as separate kits. As long as both of these kits are placed on the same order then they will ship out together in the same box and there will be no difference between ordering them as one kit or ordering them as two kits. 

Please let us know if you have any questions. 

Maybe the forward-park-reverse switch could be mounted on the handlebars in a switch box that mounts to the handlebars. I am going to look around and see if anything like that exists. 

Let me know if you find a housing for it.

I now carry an On-Off-On handlebar switch item # SWT-39 with a high enough power rating that it will work with the reverse contactor. 

It's a pretty nice looking switch too. Here is a photo of it.

I will go ahead add this switch as an option for the kit. Once I have it added I will reply again to let you know. 

Yes let’s add that. I like that option MUCH better! So will we still need the 3 position switch also?
Or am I understanding that switch will replace the other one? If so let’s do that.

The 3 position handlebar switch will replace the 3 position toggle switch so the toggle switch will no longer be needed or included with the kit. 

I went ahead and added the 3 position handlebar switch as an option for the kit. The kit's page can be refreshed or reloaded to see the new forward-park-reverse switch options. 

Power Kit item # KIT-24650-10:

Ok. Thank you. So when the toggle switch is in park mode it creates a “motor brake”? If that’s the case then will the motor turn freely if I have it in forward or reverse and am not pressing the throttle? Or what if I have key switch in off position?

Yes, that is correct, when the direction switch is in park mode it does create a motor brake. 

When the direction switch is in the forward or reverse position, and the throttle is at the zero throttle position, the motor will not have electrical resistance across its wires so there will be no motor braking applied to it. However, due to the air resistance inside of the motor, it will not turn 100% freely and it will provide some resistance toward being turned.

When the key switch is off the reverse relay will go into its park mode and apply the motor brake.

Can I use the switch on the throttle controller to power (on/off switch) an accessory? (ie..led light bar, etc.)

Yes, you can. It can be used for anything that draws 1 Amp or less of power. So it could be used for lighting up to 24 Watts. 

Ok. I went to checkout page. How do I figure/know the chain length to order?. The cart isn’t built yet as I was waiting on all drive components to arrive to mock up drive line. I will have to have motor and axle mounted to know all measurements.

The easiest way is to do that is to buy a longer length of chain than it will need and then after the motor and axle sprocket are installed wrap the chain around the two sprockets and mark it with a pen where it needs to be broken. 

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