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Razor MX500 Motor Sprocket

I have a question i want to remove the 11 teeth motor sprocket off my mx500 and put a 13 tooth one but i dont know what tools or needed or what to do to remove it i tryed but i feel like it wasn’t working i need help on what tools and what to do to remove the motor sprocket off my razor mx500 dirtbike

I just removed mine with mole grips, a socket wrench and some brute strength.

Original Razor MX500, MX650, and SX500 motors should have two flat spots on the motor shaft directly behind the sprocket that a 9mm open-end wrench will fit on to hold the shaft steady. 

Then a 12mm open-end wrench, combination wrench, or socket wrench can be used to remove the nut. The threads are counterclockwise so to remove the nut the wrench needs to be turned in the clockwise (right hand) direction. 

If the motor shaft does not have two flat spots behind the sprocket for an open-end wrench to slide onto, then the way that Paul removed his motor's sprocket is a good way to do it. For more motor sprocket removal methods please see the post that Paul started titled "Motor shaft nut removal?" at this link: 

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