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mini parade float

hi. i'm looking to build a mini parade float.  i'm thinking the best option would be to build a custom motorized electric platform cart.  can you please help me find the right parts and diagrams.  i have no idea how to build a cart at all and i'm not looking to spend several thousands of dollars for a brand new one that i would have to customize anyways.  thank you.

We can supply the electrical and drivetrain parts for the project. The rolling chassis will need to be sourced elsewhere though. To keep the overall cost of the project down you may want to consider finding a used go-kart frame if it will be large enough for the float. 

We can help with matching up the right electronics and drivetrain for the build. Do you know approximately how much the total weight of the float will be with any rider and driver? Also, what is the top speed that you want the float to travel at?

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