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SWT-34 Wiring


I am building a solar eBike. So far it is working well :-)
I already have some LED flashers and a relay with variable speed that is suppose to worked well with LED. I have bought a SWT-34 switch (and other parts) on your web site and I need help with the wiring with the SWT-34

I read this from your page
SWT-34 Wiring Directions
White + Gray = Turn Signals
Yellow + Brown = Horn
Red + Blue = Right Turn Signal
Red + Green = Left Turn Signal

I am not sure, but I guess White plus Gray turn signal,  is not related to the Right and Left Turn Signal. 

I did found a discussion on your support 

But I still have problem :-)
Could you help me

Thank you 




instead of the horn, I might used those wire to connect the break sensor to light up both flasher. 

SWT-34's white and gray wires go to its red rocker switch which is most commonly used for headlights, however, it could also be used for a different purpose which requires maintained on/off switching.

Here is the wiring completed for your diagram:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Wow Thank you.

(and much cleaner than mine :-)

The White and Grey, are they for the Red toggle Switch ?


I will look a little bit to see if I can modify this , so when I brake I get both flasher to light up (or another light). 

Thank you again 


Yes, the SWT-34's white and gray wires go to the red rocker switch.

Having the brake switch light up both of the turn signal lights is possible, however, it requires a fairly complex circuit because you don't want to feed +12V to the turn signal flasher's load terminal when the brakes are on at the same time as the turn signal switch is on. If you can have separate lights for the brakes that would make the wiring much more simple and straightforward. Also then you could have orange turn signal lights and red brake lights which are the colors that people expect them to be these days. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.

You are right about the color. Make perfect  sense. 

Thank you very much !!!

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