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Building a custom rc beach wagon


 I see you have a beach wagon kit.  I am looking to build an rc beach wagon and am curious if this kit will work for what I am looking to do.


Tires are 18x8.50-8 on 8" wheels.  Cart will be used on loose sand mostly flat but some hills.  Must be able to move 250lbs at 3-5 mph.  Can you please suggest an alternate set up for this application if the kit will not work,  In addition I plan  to make this rc versus hand controls on the wagon so will not need the hand controls.  Thanks for your assistance.


Our controllers run on a +0.8 through +4.2 Volt DC throttle input signal. Do you know if there are any remote control receivers which can be programmed to have a speed control output signal between 0.8 and 4.2 Volts DC?

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