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48v 1000w

Is it normal that i can stop my wheels from turning using only my hands?

That is a tough question to answer without having more information to go on. 

Sorry i have a gear ratio 7.2 and gear is 10t sprocket is 72t..i have 18.5x8.5x8 as rear wheels..i dont know if its the motor or batteries or gear ratio..if someone use it on a bike can he stop the tires from turning with just putting both feet down even with full throttle?

That does not sound usual for a 1000 Watt motor. The problem is most likely to be with the battery pack. We recommend testing the battery pack Voltage while stopping the wheel and see if it decreases during this test. A 1 or 2 Volt drop in Voltage is normal, however, anything more than that is not. You may find that the battery pack Voltage drops a lot when the wheel is stopped which would indicate a worn out or faulty battery pack. 

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