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Beach Wagon/Buggy Build

 Would like to get a kit built for a build I plan on starting. This will be a cart with custom built frame. A red wagon will sit on top with possibly stereo, cooler, chairs ect. Unsure about the weight at the time. The tires that will be used is a 12" tall by 6.5" wide go kart tire. Would mainly be used in soft sand to get to our spot on the beach. Speed isnt an issue nor is run time. Is it possible to run a stereo off batteries included in a kit or would it be better to provide a seperate battery? Attached below are a few pics of a wagon a friend of mine built as an example of what I will be doing.

(40.1 KB)
(28.3 KB)
(22.3 KB)

Here is a link to all of the beach wagon, beach, cart, and beach buggy electric power kits that we currently have available:

I notice in the photos that the Reds Baseball wagon has a standard motor instead of a gear motor so it is built more for speed than torque. I understand that you want to use your wagon in deep sand though so it will need to have a gear motor and be geared for torque over speed. Here is a preliminary gear ratio calculation I made with a 24 Volt 650 Watt gear motor, 54 tooth axle sprocket, and 12" tall tires.

The smallest size batteries we recommend for a 24 Volt 650 Watt motor are 15Ah and I ran a calculation and found they will provide around 35 minutes of ride time under mixed riding condition such as half the time in the sand and half the time on hard dirt or pavement, or around 20 minutes of ride time in only the sand. 

The 650 Watt motor should be good for around a 200-300 pound load in the sand at 3.8 MPH.  Or for lighter loads such as 100-150 pounds a 350 Watt motor could be used. Or for heavier loads such as 400 pounds a 1000 Watt motor. 

Is a 3.8 MPH top speed okay or do you want a more powerful motor and a faster top speed, or a more powerful motor and the ability to carry more weight? Or???

Please let us know your thoughts and we can take it from there. 

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