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Mx350 version 36

I was given a non working mx350 with no batteries and after getting new batteries I get a click from the controller and a little wheel jerk. No spin though. Motor works directly connected to power though. I was looking at the trottle troubleshooting guide on here and the wire colors don't match up to what's on this bike. From the throttle there are 2 Orange and 2 brown. To the controller there are 1 red, 1 green, and 2 yellow. Could anyone provide me with info on how to test that properly? Any help, much appreciated.

The throttle with two orange and two brown wires is a non-variable speed type. Testing instructions for this throttle are attached below. 

If the throttle tests good then we recommend testing the battery pack Voltage when the power switch is on and the throttle is fully engaged. The Voltage should start out around 27 Volts and should not drop more than 2 Volts when the throttle is engaged. If the battery pack drops under 23 Volts when the throttle is engaged then the controller will go into low-Voltage protection (LVP) mode and turn off the motor. 

Please let us know how it goes.

Throttle tests good and batteries don't drop below 26 with throttle engaged. I guess that means the controller must need replaced?

One more test we would perform before replacing the controller is to unplug the brake lever's electrical cable from the controller and see if the bike works then. Sometimes the switch inside of the brake lever will malfunction and lock into the on position which tells the controller to stop the motor. 

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