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ESC for RC control

Hi, I'm looking to replace a Castle Mamba Monster ESC with one of your 36v 1000w controllers. Can I wire an RC receiver into the 3-wire throttle harness and which controller do I need to do that? This is for a custom RC wagon using a 24v motor/transaxle for a mobility scooter. Thanks! Nick
Sorry, I'm new. Is there an edit button to edit posts? I wanted to add my current setup is 24v AGMs and the motor is around 800 watts. I may want to go up to 36v so if a 36v controller has an LVC circuit where it won't support a 24v system I can use a 24v controller until I upgrade to 36v.

There is no edit button. You can always create a second reply though and if it is really important to edit something then we could always do it for you on request. 

Remote control components are not something that we are familiar with so they are out of our range of technical support knowledge. Our controllers require a +1 through +4 Volt DC input to adjust their speed level, with 1 Volt being zero throttle and 4 Volts being full throttle. So if the output specifications for the RC receiver can be found then they can be used to determine its compatibility with our controller. 

The controller LVC (low Voltage cutoff) would prevent a 24 Volt battery pack from being used with a 36 Volt controller unless a multi-Voltage 24-36V controller such as our SPD-241000D was installed. 

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