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Bar Stool

I have a Bar Stool that I want to make electric with your kit. It has a 1” live axle. I see the kit doesn’t have a sprocket hub. Do you sell a hub or know where I can purchase one?

We sell hubs for 1" live axles and sprocket that bolt onto the hubs. We can make a new version of the kit with a sprocket and hub for a 1" live axle. 

What is the item number of the kit that you are interested in and do you know how many teeth you want the sprocket to have?

Item # KIT-425
I converted my bar stoll from gas to electric using parts from this site. I have attached a few pictures, feel free to ask me any questions if you need some ideas.

Hi Adam, Our sprockets that fit our hubs for 1" live axles are available for #35 chain and #41/#420 chain. We have a 10 tooth sprocket for #35 and an 11 tooth sprocket for #41/#420 chain that fits the motor in KIT-425.

Using #35 chain will result in a smaller diameter axle sprocket for more ground clearance and the possibility of lower gearing.

If the bar stool will be used on flat ground then I recommend a maximum top speed of around 18 MPH with the 500 Watt motor in KIT-425. If it needs to climb hills or grades then I would gear it for a lower top speed though.

We have a top speed and gear ratio calculator that can be used to determine what size axle sprocket to use. I can help with the calculation if you could let me know the outside diameter of the rear tires and if the bar stool will be used on flat ground only or if it will need to be able to climb hills or grades. 

I can make a new version of KIT-425 with the axle sprocket and hub that you need. 

Do you know how many teeth you would like to the axle sprocket to have and if you want to use #35 chain or #41/#420 chain? 

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