After we process a return and issue a refund back to the payment method that was used to pay for the order, it may take a while for the refund to appear back in the account. Some credit and debit card companies will issue the refund within a few days, while other companies can take between 1-4 weeks to issue the refund. Refunds issued to PayPal accounts will appear in your account immediately after we issue the refund, however it will be in the form of PayPal funds. These PayPal funds may be transferred back to your credit card or bank account through PayPal, or they may be kept in your PayPal account to pay for other purchases in the future.

After we issue a credit or debit card refund, and before the refund is issued back into your account, you may call the phone number on the back of the card to verify the refund with the cards customer service department. They will have up to date information on the refund amount and will be able to tell you when to expect the refund to be issued back into your account.