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What parts do I need to build an electric scooter?

Hi there

I was looking to build my very own custom electric scooter with the parts you sell on your web site. I only have one problem,and that is I don't know all the parts I need to build a fully operational commercial grade scooter. So considering you probably have some knowledge on the subject I was wondering if you could be so kind to right me a list of what parts I need and in return I will buy the parts that I need from your website. Let me know if you would be willing to do this for me.


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Hi Jack,
I am not sure if you are planning on building and electric scooter completely from ground up, or planning on electrifying an existing scooter. Building an electric scooter frame, forks, and handlebars are a little out of my league because I am not a metal fabricator. However whether you are building a scooter from scratch or electrifying an existing scooter I can definitely help find the right parts to power it with electricity.

To start off I would like to show you a basic electric scooter wiring diagram that I drew to give you an idea of the parts required to electrify the scooter.

There is really not much to electrifying an electric scooter. It just takes a small number of parts wired together to power a scooter. One part not in the drawing above that is also needed is a battery charger.

I can recommend specific parts depending upon what you are planning on using the scooter for. For example if the scooter will be driven on flat ground only a smaller motor and controller would be sufficient, however if was going to be used to go up hills then a more powerful motor and controller would be required. I will list some questions below to help me recommend the right parts for your project:

1- Will the scooter be used on flat ground only, or do you want it to have the ability to climb hills?

2- If you want it to be able to climb hills will they be moderate hills or steep hills?

3- Will the scooter carry any additional weight other than the rider?

4- What is the top speed that you want the scooter to go?

5- How is the average speed that you plan on riding the scooter?

6- What mileage range or ride time do you want the scooter to have on a single charge?

7- What size wheels do you want to have on the scooter?

Once I have answers to these questions I can do some calculations and recommend the right size battery pack, battery charger, controller, motor, etc. for the scooter.


hi there

thank you so much for your reply you have helped allot already. For the answers to your questions i just wanted to say i want the scooter as powerful and fast as the Canadian legal limits will allow with all the features and gadgets. The scooter will be a stand up scooter as i am only 13.It will be used on flat and hilly ground and it might be used off road.I will be the only rider on it. i would like really good mileage so i was thinking for the batter maybe a 36 volt lithium battery that would power a 500 watt motor. As for the wheels i want really good off road tires the size of pocket bike wheels.

thx, jack  

I do not know the top amount of power and top speed Canadian legal limits will allow for an electric scooter. Could you please find out and let me know?


The only legal limitations are that you are only allowed a 500 watt engine or under. Nothing above 500
Hi ESP Support,
Please help

1. Scooter will be on flat ground

3. Scooter will only carry rider weight.

4. Top Speed of scooter, 20-25 mph.

5. Avg Speed, btwn 15-20mph.

6. Full single charge should get me about minimun 20miles.

7. Size of wheels will be determine what should be the best specs.

Hey ESP Support, 

I was looking at the previous conversation on this topic page and it is very similar to my own problem. I too would like to make my existing scooter, electric and would like help on what parts I should buy. In terms of the questions previously stated from you guys before...

1 & 2. The scooter will be used mainly on flat ground as well as some moderate hills. (so some climbing capability needed)

3. The scooter will not carry any additional weight besides my own.

4. I want the scooter to have a top speed of about 20-25 mph.

5. I will be riding at about an average speed of 15-20 mph.

6. A single charge should get at least 1 hour of ride time.

7. I already have my own set of wheels unless it is necessary to buy a specific type when converting the scooter to electric.

Thank you for your time.

Hi Pono, The first step to this process is to figure out the gear ratio and what size motor and wheel sprockets to install.

I can run a gear ratio calculation to figure out the sprocket sizes for a 20-25 MPH top speed. I just need to know the wheel diameter in order to run the calculation. What is the diameter (height from the ground to the top of tire) of the tires that you plan to use?
I bought a HYPE- hover1 folding electric scooter .. but my son took it to his soccer game and it got stolen .. we found it with all all open they took the everything battery speed monitor ignition make it short is empty just the frame and breaks ..can you show me a picture of what I need to buy thanks
Hi Ruben, I am very sorry to hear about that very unfortunate incident. The Hover-1 electric scooter is made almost entirely out of parts that are unique exclusively to it. We do not carry the parts needed to rebuilt it. I recommend inquiring directly with Hover-1 regarding replacement parts.
I got the same questions here. 1- usage on flat ground. 2- moderate hills. 3- only rider, no additional weight. 4- top speed, 25 to 35 km/h 5- average speed, 20km/h 6- driving range, 10km, 15 minutes 7- 200mm wheels. Thanks already
I want to power my All Terain KneeRover. I'm paralyzed from the knees down and bought the KneeRover to be able to follow my kids in parks and trails but it's too difficult to power by myself because I have no plantar flexion. Do you have recommendations regarding what equipment to buy to convert it to an electric scooter? It has 12" wheels. I don't want to go fast but I want it to have torque to power up steep hills and climb over a 3" curb. Max weight is 250lbs (50 lb scooter + 175 lb rider + cargo). max speed is 6-8 mph. Average speed is 3 mph. Needs to have a 4 hr battery life. Thanks!
Hi Frans Van Der Geer, sorry for the late reply somehow I missed your reply last month.

I understand your specifications are:
  • For use on flat ground and moderate hills.
  • One rider vehicle.
  • Top speed 25-35 km/h (16-22 MPH).
  • Driving range 10km (6.2 miles).
  • Vehicle has 200mm (8 Inch) wheels.

For a 35 km/h top speed I recommend a 1000 Watt 3000 RPM motor and a 36 tooth wheel or axle sprocket. Here is the gear ratio calculation for these parts being used with 200mm wheels.


For a 10km range a 36 Volt battery pack made from three 12 Volt 12ah batteries would provide more than enough range. A 36 Volt 12Ah battery pack is the smallest size that should be used with a 1000 watt motor so I do not recommending going smaller than that.

Here is a link to an example of a kit that would work for your scooter:


All of our 36 Volt 1000 Watt kits can be viewed on this page:

We can modify kits with different parts such as throttles and also add parts to them on request.

Hello Darin, I ran a gear ratio for your project and here is what I came up with.


 This gear ratio is based on using our MOT-36600G gear motor.

A 4 hour continuous use battery life is going to require a lot of battery though. My calculator is saying that if the vehicle was used on flat ground with some hills for 4 hours that it would need three 12 Volt 60Ah or larger batteries. A battery pack this large would require a lot of space and weigh a lot. Our 55Ah batteries weigh 39 pounds so three of them would be 117 pounds. With this much battery weight, I think the top speed would need to be lowered a little in order for it to climb over a 3-inch curb.

Here is a link to our large batteries page so you can check their dimensions and weights:

We can work on making a kit for your project if you still think that it is feasible. Please let us know if you have any questions.

I agree it's too heavy. What if we shrink to 2 1/2 hours of run time? Would a marine battery work? I have a 12v 800 CA battery that only weighs 55 lbs. it has a 150 RC rating, which would last 2 1/2 hours but that is only at 25 amps.

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