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What parts do I need to build an electric scooter?

Hi there

I was looking to build my very own custom electric scooter with the parts you sell on your web site. I only have one problem,and that is I don't know all the parts I need to build a fully operational commercial grade scooter. So considering you probably have some knowledge on the subject I was wondering if you could be so kind to right me a list of what parts I need and in return I will buy the parts that I need from your website. Let me know if you would be willing to do this for me.


Dear ESP Support,  

I'm looking to build an electric scooter, I'm going to buy a normal scooter and then add the parts needed to electrify it. 

1. Scooter will be mainly on flat ground (would like slight off-road capabilities).

2. Decent sized hills (los angeles area) Sometimes pretty steep.

3. Scooter will only carry rider weight + backpack (around 230 pounds).

4. Top Speed of scooter, 30 mph.

5. Avg Speed, btwn 18-25 mph.

6. Full single charge should be about 20 miles.

7. Size of wheels will be determine what should be the best specs. (hoping to use 12" or something bigger)

8. EXTRA: I want to have the ability to change gears, is that possible?

What do you recommend?

Hey ESP support, I was looking to convert a non-electric scooter into an electric scooter, and I was wondering what parts I'd need. Here is a list of my requirements: 

  • Top speed is 15 mph
  • Avg. speed is 5-10 mph
  • Will only be carrying rider weight
  • Some short hills, but mainly flat ground
  • Able to do 5 miles on a charge

Thank you for your time.

Hi Brad here I'm thinking of buying the kit you guys have for making scooters electric. I don't know how I would put it on a scooter like what kind of scooter would it need 3 or 2 wheels in the back and would I need to add a sprocket to it if so where can I get one and how would I put it on the wheel. if you could get back to me that would be great.

We apologize to Sergey and Joe for the late reply. Purchasing a non-motorized push scooter and then converting it to be electrically powered can be challenging because its rear wheel does not have a chain sprocket and also because most push scooters do not have adequate brakes for the extra weight and speed that motorizing the scooter creates. An exception to the braking problem is any push scooter that has V-brakes or disc brakes. For push scooters with caliper brakes which are most common, a bicycle repair shop can weld or braze on V-brake bosses to convert the scooter to have V-brakes. 

Regarding a push scooter's rear wheel which needs to have a chain sprocket for the conversion, one of the best solutions is to purchase an electric scooter rear wheel which is the same size and which has a chain sprocket, or place to mount a chain sprocket, already on it. The electric scooter rear wheel with chain sprocket may be wider than the push scooter's original rear wheel in which case the push scooters rear forks may need to be widened to accommodate the new wider rear wheel. 

For a top speed of 30 MPH, a kit with a 1000 Watt brushed or 1600 Watt brushless motor would be needed. We can make one of these kits on request. Here are examples of electric scooter kits we have already made which can achieve a 30 MPH top speed: 

For a top speed of 15 MPH, a kit with a 500 Watt motor such as KIT-24500-01 is recommended. KIT-24500-01 has a 24V 10Ah battery pack which is suitable for a range of around 7 miles on flat ground with some short hills. We can also make a new version of this kit on request which has larger batteries for a longer range. 

Selecting the correct wheel sprocket size for the top speed that you want the scooter to have is a critical part of the design phase of the conversion. We can help with this part of the design if we are informed what the wheel diameter and top speed will be then we can run some calculations and let you know what size wheel sprocket to install. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you! This helped a lot. The top speed of the wheel will be about 15 mph, and the diameter - let's just go with 6 inches, as that's the diameter on the wheels of my current scooter

With the motor in KIT-24500-01, the fastest we can gear it for with the sprockets that are available is with a 13 tooth motor sprocket and 47 tooth wheel sprocket for a top speed of 12.37 MPH. 6 inches is such a small wheel that we are not able to get a 15 MPH top speed with it. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Ok, that'll be fine. As I am going away for a while I'll most likely purchase this when I get back, around a year from now. Again, thank you.

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