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Building an Electric Powered Beach Wagon

I'm looking to power a 6 wheeled beach wagon that weighs about 65 pounds and will carry 2 toddlers.  I need help coordinating the speed control, 24 or 36 volt motor and charger.  If anyone has built one of these I would love to hear what you have done, any help is appreciated.

Hello again,

I forgot to mention that at the moment the Davinci scooter has 16'' wheels on the rear and 14 '' wheels on the front. Is this efficient in terms of maximum speed? I am willing to spend the money if there is a better way? Also I should mention that my brake drums built into the wheel. The diameter of the drums is 4 7/8''. The disc brake therefore would have to be at least 2''+ more in diameter to accommodate the calipers etc. As I said before the drum brakes on this unit are completely inadequate.


The most powerful motors that we currently have are 1000 Watts and we do not have any motor larger than 1000 Watts right now. Having different size wheels on the front and back should not effect efficiency or maximum speed as those parameters are primarily dependent on the type of motor and gearing of the scooter. Regarding upgrading the brakes from drum to disc we do not have any disc brakes that would be a direct replacement for the old drum brakes. That upgrade would require custom installation. We could provide the brake parts but we could not provide any directions for installing them.
(3.67 MB)

That is a great looking beach wagon!

please contact me if you have wholesale pricing thanks.

This is exactly what I have been looking for. I live on the ocean and need to build a motorized beach cart. I would also like to build a few to sell. I watch families all day struggle with all the beach stuff they bring. Plus all the sports that could use these to make it easier to lug all their stuff and the parents.

I have downloaded your information for the electric motor kits. What I really need is blueprints or a guide on how to build the structure underneath the wagon. For example, how to correctly mount the motor and so on. If something like that is available, please let me know.

As for my cart, I want to build one similar to the picture above. But I want to put nice looking wheels and wide tires. I was thinking that I could buy a strong, nice looking existing wagon and go from their. I've even have seen a couple that have 3 axles, 4 wheel drive and dually rear tires. Any help would great be appreciated. Thank you in advance!!

I have a question. Actually two of them. Can this kit be modified to attach a small solar panel to trickle charge the batteries during a day at the beach? Also, is there a way to disengage the mechanism, in case I run out of juice and can still make the wheels turn by pulling on the wagon?

Solar panels can recharge any battery pack, it is just a matter of finding the correct size solar panel and charge controller for the battery pack. I recommend to contact a company that sells solar panels and let them know what you want to use it for and see what they recommend.

Since the beach wagon kits in this topic have reverse they can not be used with a freewheel clutch, otherwise the reverse would not work. However we could make a kit without reverse, and then a freewheel clutch could be used which would allow  the wagon to be pushed if the battery runs out of power.

We currently do not have a manual clutch that can be engaged and disengaged which would allow forward and reverse operation.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Yes. I'm interested in a kit without reverse with a freewheel clutch. Reverse is not that important for my wagon. I can always disengage and push or pull wagon. Let me know. Thank you.
I sell a total solution motorized kit.

I made a kit for your electric beach wagon project which does not have reverse. It is item # KIT-328 and here is a link to the page it is sold on:

When this kit is used with Wheeleez 30cm beach cart wheels the top speed will be around 3 MPH, which is normal walking speed.

I mentioned freewheel before however I did not get into any of the details of it. The freewheel needs to be mounted to the drive wheel, or the axle if the wheels are driven off of the axle. We do not have an adapter to attach a freewheel to a Wheeleez wheel so if that is what you need then it will need to be custom made. We do have a freewheel adapter available that fits onto a 1" axle (adapter for 3/4" axle is also available) which is sold at this link:

We also have bicycle chain sprockets and freewheel that threads onto the FWM-ADAPTER1 on this page:

If you want to buy a sprocket with freewheel as mentioned above I can of course take the 44 tooth sprocket off of the KIT-238 and lower the price of the kit.

We sell the Wheeleez adapters.

Thanks for this.  Maybe I am missing it, but what fuse are you using?  I see the orange fuse (I think) in the picture, but I don't see it in the kit (admittedly I am a novice at this).

The fuse for KIT-328 is 30 Amps. I did forget to add the fuse holder and fuse to the kit, so I just added those two parts. The price of the kit is still the same. Here is a link to the kit:

I am building a beach wagon and looking at Kit - 145. Since the wagon I am building will have a little more weight than some of the ones discussed here I would like to confirm that this kit would have enough power, please let me know. Also, do you know what diameter tube the twist throttle will mount on? This will help build the T handle I plan on putting on the wagon. 

Also, is a holder available for the batteries (something like what can be seen in the picture of the wagon with the Wheeleez?


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