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Converting a Gas Triumph T10 (like a Vespa) to Electric


I am converting a 1966 Triumph T10 (like a vespa) to electric. It is old and heavy.

I need advice on which motor and rear wheel assembly to buy from you.

I was thinking of 36 volts, 500 Amps motor. is that good? Can you recommend one?

Also, I am trying to use the OEM swing arm and rear wheel, which has a large v-Belt pully on it.  I can remove the pully and put on a sprocket (56 tooth?) but need it to free wheel when no engine...yes?  is there a freewheel small sprocket for the engine side instead?  I think that would be easier.

Advice and parts welcome,  thanks.

Great! Thanks, ill send u some pictures when its done.


I am finally getting to installing all of my parts and I need HELP!!  ...I was almost sure you sent me a diagram with instructions on how everything went together, but I cannot find it.  I only opened a couple boxes until today, and I cannot find it.  Did you send it?  I think I remember it....do you have a copy you can send to me?  I have taken a few days off to install all the parts and don't know where to start.



Actually I did not send a wiring diagram with instructions of how everything goes together because the technician who made the kit affixes printed labels on all of the connectors that plug together. There should be labels on the connectors that plug together such as "battery", "motor", "throttle" "switch", etc. that indicate how to plug all of the connectors together.

Here is a link to the controller's wiring directions to help bring further clarity to the installation: 


Our technician was not able to install matching connectors on a few of the parts that were added to the kit such as the Voltage converter, horn, turn signal flasher, and handlebar mount switch cluster due to most of the parts that they connect to being on the scooter and not on his workbench. Those parts should be fairly straightforward to wire though due to their simplicity. Here are wiring directions for them:

CVT-7212 (Voltage Converter)

Red Wire = 36-72 Volt DC Positive Input

Black Wire = Ground

Yellow Wire = 12 Volt DC Positive Output

SWT-32 (Handlebar Switch Cluster)

White + Gray = Headlights

Yellow + Brown = Horn

Red + Green = Right Turn Signal

Red + Blue = Left Turn Signal

RLY-541 (Turn Signal Flasher)

Hopefully this provides enough information to complete the wiring with the parts we sent to you. If you need any further help with the wiring please let me know.

Hi,  The scooter is all done.  It was just in the local paper too, as I was at a car show and it was quite unique.  I believe it to be the only Triumph T-10 electric conversion in the world.  The parts from Electric Scooter Parts all worked great and it runs smooth and well.  Top speed is about 22 MPH as designed, and it is smooth and powerful. 

(79.2 KB)
Hi John, the scooter looks great. I searched on Google for "1966 Triumph T10 Electric Scooter" and found the photos of it from the car show in your local paper. You performed a very clean gas to electric scooter conversion.

I would like to put your scooter on our Customer Projects page at this link: http://www.electricscooterparts.com/madewithourparts.html

If you are interested in being on our Customer Projects page please let me know and I will put your project up there. The newest customer projects go on the top of the page. If you have other photos of the project that you would like shown on the customer projects page you may upload them here on this forum post or at this link: http://www.electricscooterparts.com/submitproject.html

Hi, not sure if I replied to this.  Sure, it would be good to post it. The conversion came out great, I built a heavy welded steel and aligned motor mount that fit well into where the original gas motor was. Almost everything else was standard electric parts from Electric Scooter parts.com.   its top speed is about 22MPH, it goes 5 miles on the lead acid batteries, will probably convert to LiPo some day.  John

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