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Smart Balance Wheel Self Balancing Scooter Charger

I have a Smart Balance Wheel but I don't have the charger for it.  It is identified as having Specification 650x245x230.  It uses a charger with a 3 prong female connector.  Further information is hard to come by.  I think it equates to being a 36 volt with 4.4 Ah Lithium Ion batteries.  If that is correct, I think the appropriate charger seems to be your part number CHR-36V1.6A3P, or CHR-C36V1.67A3P.  Is this right?  If not, what do you recommend?

The CHR-36V1.6A3P and CHR-C36V1.67A3P chargers will not work with it. These chargers are for lead-acid batteries instead of Li-Ion batteries, and their 3-port connector is 12.5mm instead of 9mm as needed for the self balancing scooters.

We have been getting a large number of requests for Smart Balance Wheel battery chargers. It appears that some of the original chargers supplied with some of these self balancing two wheel scooters were defective and either do not work at all or only work for a few days.

We now have high quality models of these battery chargers in stock. Here is a link to our page they are sold:

I just bought a scooter but I think it is not charging properly . The red light of the battery keeps blinking and it never turn to green . Is it normal ? What should I do ?
See in image what is hapenning !
When the battery charger is plugged into the self balancing scooter and the wall does the light on the battery charger turn green, or does it stay red?
The light of the battery charger stays green all the time !
This could be a problem with the battery charger, charger port, or main control board in the self balancing scooter. The first thing I would do is test the output Voltage of the charger to see if it is working or not. It should have a DC output Voltage of around 42 Volts. If it has zero Volts output when plugged into the wall then it is faulty and needs to be replaced. If the charger is working then I would take the top and bottom plastic covers off of the self balancing scooter and inspect the charger port and its wires and plug.

If the charger port looks good and all of its wires are soldered onto it and its plug then next I would test the Voltage of the battery pack. The battery pack should have at least 36 Volts in it, if it has significantly less than 36 Volts then it may be defective. If the charger, charger port, and battery pack are good then I would replace the main control board of the scooter.
I just got a "smart balance wheel" for Christmas. brand new just opened, it works just fine, but when I went to go plug the charger into the wall it showed red just as the instructions say. So I leave it there two hours and when I go to check on it I notice the charger light isn't on, I check the wall and see it's plugged in. I don't know what to do, my charger light won't come on and I don't think it's charging. Any suggestions?
I plugged my charger into my into my smart balance wheel and the light never turned on. Does this mean that the vehicle isn't charging? Please Help!!!
Usually when a charger light does not come on it is because the charger is not working. I would unplug the charger from the scooter and then plug it into the wall and see if the red light comes on. If the red light does not come on when the charger is plugged into the wall and not plugged into the scooter then the charger is faulty and should be replaced.


I just bought the smart balance wheel and my sister used it for an hour or two and then the red battery light came on that it needs to be charged. I plug it in, the green light on the charger goes red but then 2 hours later, it's still not charged. I opened up the board and made sure everything was pushed in tight but that didnt fix it. What's wrong with it? 

I would try charging the battery for a couple more hours and then try to use the scooter again. The light on the charger should turn back to green after the battery is fully charged. If that does not help please let me know.

It was plugged in for at least 6-7 hours and the light never turned green. 

6-7 hours is plenty of time to recharge the battery, I would not charge it for any longer. If the charger light turn green when the charger is plugged into the wall but not plugged into the scooter, and red when plugged into the scooter and the wall, then chances are that the charger is working and the problem is with the batteries.

If the charger light turns from green to red when plugged into the scooter and the wall then the charger port should be good and the charger is making contact with the battery pack.

For a more professional level of diagnosis if you have a multimeter the output Voltage of the charger and the battery pack could be tested to help determine which part is faulty. The charger should have an output Voltage of around 42 volts DC, and the battery pack Voltage should be between 40-42 Volts when fully charged.

Please let me know how it goes.
I have the smart balance wheel hover board. When the charger is plugged into the wall and not the board, the light stays green.. When I plug the board in the light turns red for about ten minutes then switches back to green. I then unplug the board and can only ride for a couple of minutes before it dies again. Do you know what the problem is?

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