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Need Power Kit To Make Electric Cart for Venues and Shows

Greetings!  I have 14 tables that I role from my trailer to venues for shows.  I took apart a electric scooter just to try and it worked great!  I would like to know what I would need to role 14 tables measuring 2' x 4' and weighting about 400-500 lbs. each. Most ground is level and smooth but there are some ramps that are steep and can be 50' long.  I only need 1 wheel with 24v motor, controller, throttle.  I will be using 2 12v deep cycle batteries.  Thank you for your help.

To start off, we have several kits available for beach carts that would work equally as well for a table moving cart. These kits can be found on this page:

Do you want to move all 14 tables at once, or one at a time?

Just one table at a time.

I need a little more information in order to figure out the gear ratio for this project so the cart will go the speed and have the power that you want it to.

  1. What is the diameter of the cart's drive wheel?
  2. What is the top speed in MPH that you want the cart to go?
The scooter tire I tested with was 10". I would like to be able to walk with the table and steer it from the front. The front casters are swivel.
I think that I have found the perfect motor and gear ratio for your table moving cart. Since you will be using two 12 Volt batteries I made the calculations using a 24 Volt 450 Watt gear motor that has a 9 tooth bicycle chain sprocket on it, along with a 44 tooth wheel sprocket which is a very common size bicycle sprocket. This gives the cart a 3.36 MPH top speed which is around the normal walking speed for most people. Of course with the throttle the speed can be variably controlled from a standstill all the way up to the tug carts top speed and anywhere in between. Here is a screenshot of the gear ratio calculation:

This calculation was made with the following parts in mind:
  • Motor - MOT-24450G
  • Controller - SPD-24500 (could use SPD-24500R if you want reverse?)
  • Throttle - Just about any throttle that we sell will work.
We have plain throttles and throttles with built-in power switches and battery meters. A throttle with built-in power switch could be used for turning the tug carts power on and off right from the throttle. We even have a twist throttle with a key switch so the tug carts power could be locked off when the key was removed.

With this low of a gear ratio the gear motor will provide a lot of braking power when the throttle is let up on or released so I do not think that the cart will need a brake, unless it needs to be stopped on a steep incline. Without a brake it will be able to stop by itself very well on flat ground.

I can make a kit out of these parts once you decide which controller and throttle you would like to use.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you very much for your reply.  When I was testing the tables with the scooter hooked up.  I also hooked up a DC amp meter.  It had 60 amp surges going up hill and 30 amp on straight ways.  Would your controller and motor hold up to that with 14 tables?  Also, could you please work up a package that would include a pneumatic 10" wheel with chain sprocket, motor, controller and thumb throttle. thank you.

Most electric scooters are geared to go around 12-15 MPH, so when going slow with a heavy load they will pull a lot of Amps. With a motor geared to go only 3.36 MPH the motor and controller will draw a lot less Amps than one geared to go 12-15 MPH. With this slow gearing the Amp pull should be well under 30 Amps which our motors and controllers can easily handle. I will start working on the kit with 10" wheel, chain sprocket, motor, controller and thumb throttle. None of our 10" wheels have 1/2x1/8" bicycle chain sprockets on them which is needed to be used with the 24 Volt 450 Watt gear motor, so I will have to include a 10" wheel with #25 sprocket and a separate 44 tooth bicycle chain sprocket and you will need to either bolt the 44 tooth bicycle chain sprocket onto the #25 sprocket, or have them welded together. I need to know if you want the cart to go forward only or to have reverse so I can include the right speed controller. Do you want the cart to be unidirectional, or to have forward and reverse?

I just realized that we also have a 24V 350W gear motor (MOT-24350G) that has a base on it which mounts to any flat surface. This 350 Watt gear motor along with a 36 tooth wheel sprocket on a 10" wheel would provide a top speed of 3.13 MPH. This 350 Watt motor has around 25% less power than the 450 Watt motor, but at that slow of a speed I think that it would still have enough power to do the job. Here are photos of both motors for your consideration:

                        350 Watt                                               450 Watt

This is the type of wheel at looking for.  I used the drive tire from my scooter and it worked great.  Could you please work up a kit for me with the 450 watt motor and controller.  Do you have a small wheel that could accommodate the 44 tooth sprocket?

We do not have any wheels that the 44 tooth sprocket will mount onto without modification. The 44 tooth sprocket is a bicycle crank sprocket that can be modified to fit most rear wheels by drilling bolt holes into it, or it can be mounted onto an existing sprocket with bolts.

I can certainly make a kit for your project. I need to ask a few questions before I begin:

  • Do you want the cart to have reverse?
  • Do you want the throttle to have a battery gauge built into it?
  • Our throttles fit onto 7/8" handlebars. What type of throttle do you want to use?

We have several different types of throttles to choose from at this link:

Forgive my delay.  No reverse.  Is there such a thing as a wireless throttle? Yes, I would like a kit for this project or anything you can help me with here.  Thank you very much.

We do not have wireless throttles and I am not aware of anyone else who has wireless throttles available that work with our speed controllers. I can go ahead and make a kit for your project. I would just need to know which throttle you would like to use?

Please include the THR-40 throttle.  Thank you.

If you can get me a wheel either 10 or 11 inch and a sprocket that would be close to the 44 tooth.  It can have a faster speed than the 3.5 mph because of the thumb throttle, I can control the speed..  I would like to make this as simple as possible.  Thank you!

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