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Dolly-type beach cart

I attached two photos of a cart I have been customizing over the years.  With the full ice chest at the back, it is pretty well balanced to lift the front and pull or push the cart about 5 blocks to the beach and 100 yards across the sand.  With your motor kit, it looks like I would have to solidify the axle to the wheels, then forge something to attach the sprocket somewhere in the middle of the axle.  Does that sound about right?  Also, I have a feeling your motor set-up doesn't spin freely until the throttle is activated.  I was hoping to use the power only on slight terrain and the sand.  If not, my short trip out and back would probably not run down the batteries.  Any thoughts?

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(139 KB)

I will make a modified KIT-328 kit that you can order online with PayPal. Do you need the kit to have a freewheel with left or right hand threads?

With right hand threads the sprocket has to rotate clockwise when the motor is on, and with left hand threads the sprocket has to rotate counterclockwise when the motor is on.

Right hand threads, I believe.  Facing the direction of travel (from behind my dolly-type cart), it will be on the right wheel.  I will be "pushing" the cart when using the motor.  And I will reverse the wires on the motor, depending on whether I put the motor in front of, or behind the wheel.  Should I order the kit, and you'll look for my name.....or is there a comment section on the order form where I can remind you of the freewheel, etc?

With the addition of the custom machined sprocket, freewheel, and adapter the cost of the kit will increase so it would be best for me to make the kit and list it here before purchasing it.

If the sprocket will be on the outside of the right wheel then clockwise threads would be needed, however if the sprocket will be on the inside of the right wheel then the freewheel would need to have counterclockwise threads.

With this new information do you need the kit to have a freewheel with counterclockwise (left hand) or clockwise (right hand) threads?

The picture is a big help.  I need LEFT HAND threads.  It will be on the inside of the R wheel.

That sounds good. I will go ahead and make a kit with a left hand freewheel and adapter. I am running out of time to make the kit this afternoon so I will make the kit and post a link to it here either this evening or tomorrow morning.

OK, thanks!

I went to make the kit this morning and realized that I do not have a left hand thread freewheel that fits the sprocket. Right now I am working with our parts supplier to find a left hand thread freewheel that will fit the custom machined 44 tooth sprocket. As soon as I hear back from our supplier and can get the correct freewheel then I will be able to make the kit. Hopefully I will have this sorted out by tomorrow morning and have the kit ready by then.

I was not able to source a left hand freewheel so I will have to make a kit with a right hand freewheel instead.

Ok, thanks.

I have the kit ready for your project. I realized that for an extra $18.00 the battery size and amount of travel time that the battery pack will provide can be increased by 33 percent so I am including a link to KIT-328-A which has two 10Ah batteries, and also for KIT-328-B which has two 15Ah batteries. If you have enough space for the 15Ah batteries and don't mind a little extra weight then I recommend the kit with 15Ah batteries because I would not want the batteries to not have enough capacity for the distance that the beach cart needs to travel. Here are the kit links:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I guess I thought these batteries were bigger than that....I see that the 15a is only about 4x4x6.  So, I will go with the bigger batteries, 328-B.      

Again, do you want me to just order this kit number.....or is there some info I can put on the order form so you know it has the freewheel?

I included the 44 tooth sprocket, freewheel with left hand threads, nuts and bolts to attach sprocket onto the freewheel, and freewheel adapter with left hand threads with KIT-328-B so all you have to do is order that one kit and everything will be included with it.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Sounds good, thanks for ALL your help and time.  Ordering now.......

Thank you for your order Ken. I expect your kit to ship out in around 5 business days.

Hi Ken, I have been meaning to email you for the last few days but I keep forgetting to. The machine shop that we hired to custom machine the sprocket was backlogged with work and could not get to the job until this Monday. They usually have a one or two day turnover so I did not expect for it to take them this long. The custom machined sprocket is now on its way too us with FedEx, and should arrive at our shop within a few business days. As soon as the sprocket arrives at our shop we will then ship the entire kit to you. We will require a signature for delivery so you do not have to worry about the package being stolen off of your front porch. I apologize for this delay, and thank you for your patients with us.

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