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joystick control

Hi Guys,

  I'm trying to build a hoverboard powered lawnchair.  I am disabled and need something i can lift into my minivan.  It only needs a range of a mile or two.  The main thing is lightness.  The Hoverseat attachment looks great, but ya need two feet to use it.  
 My question:  Is it possible to modify the balance board circuit so that the motors can be controlled via joystick? or switches?  

 Hi Barry

Any luck with finding a solution? I had the same idea for building a cheap, lightweight foldable chair for my disabled friend.

Hello, I'm in the same thing, I have a CMT and I'm trying to do the same, but I can't get information, In Argentina, someone did a good wheelchair but doesn't fit me, I have problems in my arms too. If you make a search on youtube you can find the video. If someone knows how to adapt a joystick in a hoverboard, please, send me an email to  "Argentinian man invents affordable 'hoverboard wheelchair'


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