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Beach/Trail wagon build

So I bought this edge marketing wagon and picked up a cooler rack. Then I realized it needs to be self propelled. Think you can put me a kit together? It has 13” tires. Trying to get fast walking speed out of it 3-4mph.

With a 24 Volt 450 Watt motor our ride time calculator is showing a 22Ah battery pack for 90 minutes of ride time on flat ground, a 26Ah battery pack for 90 minutes of ride time on flat ground with some hills, and a 35Ah battery pack for 90 minutes of ride time on mostly hills. I imagine that using the wagon in the sand will be the equivalent of using it in hilly conditions because the sand will cause a lot of rolling resistance. 

The 24 Volt battery pack will require two batteries. Here are links to these batteries with dimensions and weights:

12 Volt 22Ah Battery

12 Volt 26Ah Battery

12 Volt 35Ah Battery

Which batteries would you like included with the kit?

For the power switch do you want a panel mount key switch or toggle switch, or a push button power switch on the thumb throttle?

For the 48 tooth wheel sprocket do you want our SPR-B48F sprocket included with the kit, or are you going to have the wheel sprocket custom made?

Let’s use your sprockets. I actually have a good local battery source. Been buying them for power wheels for years. I think a mounted toggle switch will be fine.

Okay, that sounds good. 

Do you want a 24 Volt battery charger and/or charger port included with the kit?

Yes. Please include charger and port

As a general guideline, the charger's output Amp rating should be at least 10% of the battery pack's Ah rating and not more than 25%. For example, a 24V 15Ah battery pack would need a charger that is at least 24V 1.5A and could be as high as 3.75A. 

A battery pack wired in series has the same Ah rating as the individual batteries that it is made with. For example, a 24V battery pack made with two 12V 15Ah batteries is a 24V 15Ah battery pack. 

How may output Amps would you like the 24V charger in the kit to have?

I’ll probably get 22ah batteries. So whatever you recommend for optimal battery life is fine.

Okay, that sounds good. I am working on the kit right now. 

Do you want a chain included with the kit and if you do how many linear feet (not loop feet) of chain do you want?

Yes. I’ll need the chain. Not really sure of distance. A guess 3’. Maybe a little extra to be safe.

Okay, I will add chain to the kit. I should have the kit finished and ready to look at in within a half hour. 

I have got the kit page finished. It is our item # KIT-24450G-22. Here is the link to it:

If there are any changes that you would like made to it then please let us know. 

Appreciate all your help with this build. Unfortunately I think it is going to shift directions a little. I picked up a doner razor quad. So most of my parts are there. I still will need thumb throttle, sprockets and chain (preferably freewheel sprocket so wagon can still be pulled), long brake cable. I am looking at 12t freewheel sprocket you have listed but I think it might be for wrong direction?

We can custom wire a thumb throttle to be plug-and-play with the Dirt Quad, all we need to know is if it has a 4-wire or 6-wire throttle.

You are correct, the freewheel motor sprocket that we carry engages in the CW direction so it will not work with the Dirt Quad motor. We might be able to put together an axle sprocket with freewheel and axle adapter that will work with it though. I found that the rear axle bearing we sell for the Dirt Quad has a 20mm ID so the rear axle is likely to be 20mm OD where the sprocket hub attaches to it. If this is the case then we have a freewheel to axle adapter for 20mm OD axles. The only thing that does not match up is the freewheel to sprocket adapter has a 6mm keyway and the Dirt Quad axle has a 5mm keyway. I checked online and could not find a 6mm to 5mm step key so the axle adapter might need to have a second keyway for a 5mm key broached into it by a machine shop to make it work with the Dirt Quad's rear axle. All of these parts including the motor sprocket, axle sprocket, freewheel, axle sprocket adapter, and sprocket to freewheel mounting hardware are available on our Bicycle Chain Sprockets page. 

We carry #410 (1/2" x 1/8") chain for the sprockets referenced to above on our #410 Chain page. 

We carry a wide variety of brake cables lengths on our Brake Cables page.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Can you put together the parts I will need for the rear freewheel like you talked about. Also the front sprocket and chain. I’ll call around tomorrow to see if I can get the key way made. Thanks.

We do not have a Dirt Quad rear axle in stock that I can measure to confirm its outside diameter so I am not sure if the freewheel to axle adapter with 20mm inside diameter is what you need. Do you have any way to measure the axle's outside diameter to see if it is 20mm, or can you slide the axle bearing over the area where the sprocket mounts to confirm that it is 20mm?

I measured axle. It is 20mm (19.97) with 5mm key. My throttle is 6pin connector with only 5 pins being used. A few extra feet on that harness would be nice. I talked to local machine shop an he said he can make key hole. Or maybe it would be easier to make step key? I’ll order stuff as soon as you get it together. Thanks for tour help

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