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Beach/Trail wagon build

So I bought this edge marketing wagon and picked up a cooler rack. Then I realized it needs to be self propelled. Think you can put me a kit together? It has 13” tires. Trying to get fast walking speed out of it 3-4mph.
I’m not 100% sure which freewheel hub to get. The one that I think I need is out of stock. The harness for the throttle isn’t a big deal if it will slow order up. I’m trying to have cart finished for beach trip in 3weeks.

Here is the list of parts that we discussed for the drivetrain:

20mm axle adapter - FWM-ADAPTER20

freewheel - FWM-205

hardware - HDW-200

axle sprocket - SPR-B48F

motor sprocket - CTE-24364

All of these parts are available on the Bicycle Chain Sprockets page. I checked and they were all in stock. 

Our chain length calculator is showing a 55.3 link #410 chain for the conversion, however, I recommend getting a longer chain and to break it down to the right size after wrapping it around the sprockets to make sure that it is the right size. Our #410 chain is available on our #410 (1/2" x 1/8") Bicycle Chain page.

I will start working on the product page for the throttle and reply again with a link to it as soon as it is ready.

I don’t see an fwm-205 There is a fwm-150

This link will take you to the place on the page where the FWM-205 sprocket is:

I see the fwm205. It’s right hand thread? Don’t I need left hand threads?

In your photo, it looks like the axle sprocket hub is on the left side of the sprocket which would make it require right hand threads. The photo is fairly dark by the axle sprocket though so maybe I am not seeing it clearly. If the sprocket hub is on the right side then an axle adapter and freewheel with left hand threads would be needed. All of the parts that I listed above are with right hand threads.  We can special order the axle adapter with left hand threads if needed. 

This is how it was on there. I was under impression that I needed left or right hand threads depending on if motor was mounted on left or right side spinning cw or ccw. Or freewheel would be going wrong direction.
I may have jumped the gun and placed an order yesterday. Should I return the 11t and 44t sprockets and get the 9t and 48t. I wasn’t sure on hub so I didn’t order that.

I can see the hub and sprocket better now and the hub is on the left side of the sprocket. With that configuration, the freewheel and axle adapter with right hand threads are needed. 

For the thumb throttle, you could get the THR-65 Thumb Throttle and CNX-W2.8FH-6T Connector Housing and push the throttle's terminals into the connector housing as shown below.

The four-wire THR-65 will replace the original 5-wire throttle because its two black wires are both ground wires and one of them is redundant and not needed. 

The THR-65 has a 64-inch long cable. If you need the cable to be longer then we sell Throttle Extension Cables for that. 

11 and 44 tooth sprockets will work, however, they will provide a 25% higher gear ratio and 25% less torque than 9 and 48 tooth sprockets will. 

With 11 and 44 tooth sprockets the top speed calculates to 4.85 MPH and with the 9 and 48 tooth sprockets the top speed calculates to 3.64 MPH. So the 9 and 48 tooth will provide around 25% more torque at the rear wheels than the 11 and 44 tooth sprockets will. A 350 Watt motor is not that big for a beach cart or wagon that will be used in the sand so the lower the gear ratio is the easier it will move through the sand. 

Ok. I’ll switch it up. I was calculating off of 400rpm. Not sure where I got that number, but your speed makes more sense.

Yeah, our 24V 350W gear motors are 420 RPM however the gear motor on the Razor Dirt Quad is 500 RPM. Razor had to order their 350W gear motors with a higher RPM than ours to be able to get the quad to go 10 MPH.

So I am about finished this build. I powered the motor up for first time. I don’t have chain or sprockets yet. Should be here tomorrow. 

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