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Dolly-type beach cart

I attached two photos of a cart I have been customizing over the years.  With the full ice chest at the back, it is pretty well balanced to lift the front and pull or push the cart about 5 blocks to the beach and 100 yards across the sand.  With your motor kit, it looks like I would have to solidify the axle to the wheels, then forge something to attach the sprocket somewhere in the middle of the axle.  Does that sound about right?  Also, I have a feeling your motor set-up doesn't spin freely until the throttle is activated.  I was hoping to use the power only on slight terrain and the sand.  If not, my short trip out and back would probably not run down the batteries.  Any thoughts?

(109 KB)
(139 KB)

Ok, thanks for the update!  Looking forward to seeing if I can modify everything to fit.  I actually only use the cart for two weeks each year, in your neck of the woods at Seabright (Castle) Beach in Santa Cruz.  Always get lots of comments on the cart and tires......I can just imagine what people will say now, with a motor attached!!

Received the kit, everything packed very well and parts look great.  Thank you!

You are welcome and thank you for the compliments on our packaging and parts, and for purchasing our kit. Maybe we will see you and the beach cart a Seabright Beach one day.

Well, I got everything put together and sprockets lined up.  I loaded up the cart and it worked like a dream!! Rolled across that beach without any problems.  And on the way home slightly uphill through the neighborhood there was torque to spare.  Not sure if it could go for a long time with all those demands, but no complaints whatsoever.  Thanks for all your support and suggestions.  

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