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Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury Modification

I am looking to modify my Razor GFD Fury. I want the most power and speed without extending the back end or drilling into the frame or welding. I also do not want to double stack the batteries or anything. I want it to go 20+ mph and to be able to go in reverse. Can you make a customized kit for me? Do all of your kits require modifying the metal frame, or just some?

Oh, I see now! I thought you had abandoned me! JK Before I decide can you tell me if MOT-SD361000FW is in any way more powerful than MOT-361000B at the same speed and how much more powerful it is if it is? Thanks, and please include the sprocket ratios and motors' RPM into the calculation considering MOT-SD361000FW has a lower RPM but a bigger sprocket than MOT-361000B. Also, two topics I want to ask you about.

1. I have a Razor Hovertrax 2.0 that I researched for many hours and bought with my lawn-mowing and dog-walking money, and it has dual 350W in-hub motors for a combined wattage of 700W. I also got a "hoverkart" for Christmas which you can Google and is essentially an attachment to turn a hoverboard into a "go-kart". I also noticed that the battery powering that massive amount of watts is only 36V 2.5Ah (it's detachable and I can look at the specs). How does that tiny battery power so many watts when a 36V 15Ah battery is required to power a 36V 1000W motor? Is it bad to ride my hoverboard on a hoverkart? It seems very weak for 700W, that's what's pushing me to get a larger motor for my go-kart.

We do not have torque or horsepower specifications for those two motors so we do not have any data that indicates if one is more powerful than the other. Unfortunately, we do not know anything about the Hovertrax or its battery technology so those Hovertrax questions are being the scope of our knowledge. We prefer to communicate about forum topics through the forum rather than by phone. We do not want personal contact information to be posted on our forum so we removed your second topic which included your cell phone number. If we had left your phone number on the forum it would have been picked up by spam bots and you would receive so many marketing phone calls that you would need to change your phone number. 


Just have your family assist you in stretching the length of your Razor or do a bolt on extension you will want the room . I have two of the Razors modified and am getting ready to do a third. As for doing mods. to rear wheels you can use pvc slip on and screw them onto original tires and add an epoxy to establish more traction or less depending on needs. It is a toy and it has it's limitations there are other styles that might be a better fit to your needs Razor has  a Dune Buggy and there are other electric Karts that do as you seem to want right out of box

Thanks for removing my number! I don't want tons of marketing calls! Are there any other motors in my power range that have freewheel sprockets? I have researched tons of electric go-karts already and none fit my preferences better than a modified Razor GFD Fury. I wanted something really small and light that could easily fit in the back of our van for vacations and stuff. Portability was the biggest concern. I have so many mechanics in my family including an uncle who runs a machine shop (free for me!) and those are who are going to help me with this. I already had it planned out. Plus I have a mechanic neighbor who I'm sure will help me with this if I ask. Thanks for your reccomendations though!

Just one more thing, because I am buying a smaller motor than I originally was for my modification (MOT-481600BLDC-MB) and your opinion on burnouts, my battery trait preferences changed. Here is my updated battery trait list, in order, the most important being first:

1. Small

2. Long play time

3. Long-lasting

4. Powerful (high discharge rate)

4. Light

3. Maintenance free

4. Fast charging

6. Safe

Please figure out specifically what battery technology would be best for my updated preferences. Thanks!

I am going to be leaving to a nearly two month long OCD therapy camp because I have pretty serious OCD this Sunday, and they have no internet access. I hope to order my parts from you before I leave so that they will have arrived at our house when I come back. Please make my forum questions top priority just for the next few days so that I can FINALLY finish up and order! (yah!)

Hello?! I'm back. Can we please continue this forum? Sorry, I know I am super adamant about all of the details and getting the best but I will buy a kit from you in the end. Thanks.

Hi Timothy, welcome back. My apologies for this very late reply. I have been around 15-20 days behind on answering the forum these last two weeks and I am just starting to get caught up a little today. 

I looked at your list of battery trait preferences and LiFePO4 batteries are the closest battery technology to match all of your traits. Since you have been away we added LiFePO4 batteries to our site and they are now available on our LiFePO4 Batteries Page

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